Take Charge of Your Delivery

Efficient and timely delivery of ordered items has remained a significant problem for online shopping in Nigeria.

Aside from this, the cost of delivery for items ordered online in Nigeria is about 35 to 70 per cent of the value of the product purchased.

Versender aggregates dispatchers across the nation. Partners offer the best service at the best rate.

At Versender, we are committed to helping our partners (dispatch companies) get more customers for their service while we also ensure customers get the best service at the best rate.

Our employed feedback mechanism allows customers to rate dispatchers' performance. Those below certain rating will be deactivated to ensure we serve you better.

Likewise, our Tracking feature allows customers to monitor the movement of their parcels.

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  • Our Mission

    • Encourage online shopping habit in Nigeria
    • Making consumers take charge of their delivery. Only pay the seller the cost of the item. Delivery is made easier with us. Save sellers the stress and pay less. Take charge.
    • Significantly increase online sales of ecommerce platforms and online sellers.
    • Generating significant returns for our partners (courier service providers).
  • Our Service Guarantee

    • Fast
    • Reliable
    • Affordable

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Frequently Asked Questions

For any question not covered below, kindly reach us via email: info@versender.xyz or Call/WhatsApp: +2349059397765. Also, check out our Contact Us.

What Is A Parcel Shipping?

What Are Your Shipping Rate And Why You Are The Best?

Our delivery rate is the best you can get out there. It is set after negotiation and feedback from our partners (dispatch companies on our platform). You can be sure we have our customers best interest at heart. We haggle for the best price you can ever get.

What is the Difference Between Same Day Delivery and 3 Days Delivery?

Same day delivery is fulfilled within 24 hours. Delivery can be fulfilled a few hours after your request; this is, however, dependent on the time of the day request is posted.

What Are The Methods Of Payment?

Payment on our platform can be made using Debit, Credit, Transfer or Bank Deposits. We are also working on accepting cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

What is Neighbourhood Delivery?

Neighbourhood delivery is our special service for delivery within your area. This delivery is fulfilled by our partners using bicycles. It is for delivery of parcels picked up from the nearest junction for instance. Consider it a service you order when you are too scared to enter the sun to pick up your grocery down the road. Or pick up orders like cooking ingredients from your favourite vendor in the nearest market.

How Can I Sell a Bike/Bicycle on Versender?

Versender Sell A Bike feature allows partners willing to sell their Bike or Bicycle to list such. We connect interested buyers with sellers; likewise vice versa.