24 Apr

Nigerians more comfortable shopping on ecommerce websites th

The Nigerian ecommerce online shopping spending is estimated at billion and this is expected to exponentially increase by to about billion according to International Trade Administration analysis Shopping online in Nigeria is done via social media and websites WhatsApp Facebook YouTube Instagram and Twitter are some of the most popular

social media platforms in Nigeria Nigerians according to a survey spend more time on social media than most Western countries like the United States and United Kingdom In fact the nation is second only to the Philippines who spend most

time on social media across the world Nigerians spend on average hours minutes on social media Only minutes behind the Phillipines This according to some analysts is as a result of the high unemployment rate In Nigeria's unemployment rate reported by the National Bureau of Statistics was per cent In spite of the high duration of time spent on social platforms by Nigerians many of them remain skeptical about making online purchases via these platforms This was revealed in a survey conducted on Twitter with respondents Of the internet users who responded to the poll per cent claimed they trust shopping on websites like Jeugmark than social media platforms like Instagram While per cent said they are most comfortable shopping on social media platforms https twitter com lanre sobowale status s The reason why many Nigerians are most comfortable shopping on platforms like Jeugmark is because of their buyer protection policy Although not all ecommerce websites in Nigeria are well regulated in terms of customers fund safety some of them try to make their platform as safe as possible Jeugmark Buyer s Protection Policy for instance only releases payment to sellers only after the buyer has confirmed receipt of purchased items and also signified satisfaction Social media platforms however remain the number-one driving force for ecommerce awareness as many ecommerce websites advertise on them to get the attention of their potential customers A survey by GlobalWebIndex revealed that per cent of internet users turn to social media to search for a brand This is due to the of the growing influence of social media Search engine however remains the number one place as percent of people enquire about brands using it