Terms and Conditions

A link to these terms and conditions may be displayed on our sign up page. It is assumed you have read through by clicking accept or continuing with the usage of Versender

The terms and conditions stated herein constitute a legal agreement between you (shipper/dispatcher) and Versender (which may be henceforth regarded as "we"; "us"; "our") irrespective of what purpose you use it for ― as a dispatcher or a customer in need of delivery service.

We reserve the sole right to modify these terms and conditions without prior notification of our users. You agree it is your responsibility to consecutively review these terms and conditions, whereupon failure to do so and continuance of usage of our service shall be assumed you consent and agreed to such changes.

Clarification of words

Freight: This refers to the item/parcel to be delivered using our service.

Partners: These are dispatching/courier service providers registered on Versender.

Merchants: These refer to businesses using our service.

Shipper: Users registered on our platform, in need of delivery service.

Versender Service


Items are only made available to partners for pickup only after you make payment for such service. Shippers with posted freight can check their payments (on dashboard) to confirm if they have paid for a service.


Versender is an aggregator of dispatch service providers across Nigeria. The use of our service signifies your agreement to a 10% commission on every payment made by shippers via our platform for your service.



Our partners will attempt once to deliver freight to the receiver. You will receive a call after/before pickup to confirm availability.


Dispatchers are expected to make delivery within the stipulated time frame. Same-day delivery (within 24-hour; except if request is late); 3-day delivery within 72 hours. In case of inability to meet up with stipulated time frame, you are expected to notify Versender within two hours after alert of need for your service.


Versender does not offer insurance on parcels. In case your item gets lost, you may contact us to connect you with the partner in charge of the delivery. We will try our best to ensure your item is located but cannot guarantee replacement.

To mitigate instances like this, we ensure our partners are reputable enough. Upon registration, we collect means of identification which may also be used in tracking them down in case of the need for such.

Prohibited Items

Our partners reserve the right to deny you of their service upon arrival at the pickup location; probably due to the nature of the parcel such as arms, explosives and other items prohibited by the law of the nation.

Whenever there is a cancellation, we will refund your money within 48 hours.

Privacy Policy

Data We Collect

To continually improve our services and users' experience, we may collect, store, use and transfer your personal data. This may be used for marketing and optimization purposes.

To continually improve our services and users' experience, we may collect, store, use and transfer your personal data. This may be used for marketing and optimization purposes.

How Secure Is Your Data With Versender?

We will try our best to safeguard your data. All partnering third parties such as payment providers are scrutinized to ensure your data safety. Aside from that, we limit the number of persons or third parties that can access your data.

In case you have any suspicion or will like to request how your data is being used, contact our team via info@versender.xyz

Your Legal Rights

It is your legal right to request a limitation of access to your data, correct or erase any information we may have about you. However, this may limit your access to some of our services.

Contact our team info@versender.xyz for further details or complaint.